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Mobile Device Management for Classroom Teachers

With the eSchoolPad MDM solution Teachers have access to a set of classroom tools offering control over the devices in their classroom, with the ability to monitor device statuses and send a range of commands remotely through the TeacherPad iOS app or web interface.

Apply and remove restriction profiles to keep students on task during lesson time, by removing access to features such as camera and Safari when not needed. Easily send Web Clips to each device allowing students direct access to content that will assist with their learning, and lock the websites so they are unable to access unrelated sites. Also available is the ability to lock devices to a single application, again intended to keep student's on task. Send them messages or content with further instructions, view their device screen in real-time and display it on a projector to offer classroom demonstrations.

eSchoolPad TeacherPad Admin Panel

TeacherPad Admin Panel

The custom-made iOS application 'TeacherPad' provides the functionality to manage the mobile devices in their class, all from the teacher's device allowing the flexibility and mobility of interacting with students around the room while still being able to administer control.

The application is also available online as web interface for when the teacher is working from their own desktop machine.

TeacherPad Device Updates

Device Status Updates

The TeacherPad app allows teachers to easily check each device's status by clicking the individual icons in the TeacherPad admin panel. Quickly monitor a device's activity status, battery level and remaining storage capacity. It also provides the teacher with the ability to clear passcodes.

TeacherPad Device Control

Control Device Restrictions

You can also apply profile restrictions to specific devices or the entire class, such as blocking the use of Safari or the camera, and applying different restricted content profiles. The restrictions available to teachers in the TeacherPad application are set up by IT admin's in the Admin Console.

TeacherPad Deploy Web Links

Deploy Web Links

Much like applying device restriction profiles, teachers also have the ability to deploy and remove Web Clips, which will add a hyperlink icon on the device's Homescreen. Use this to quickly send students to popular websites related to the current lesson.

TeacherPad Lock Websites

Website Lock

As well as deploying Web Links to the student devices, teachers can also send a custom note to either a single device or the entire class which can include a list of multiple websites useful to the students during lesson time. Sending these links as a note will allow the teacher to lock students to these specific websites, preventing them from accessing other websites unrelated to the lesson.

TeacherPad Lock Applications

Single App Lock Mode

Teachers can keep students on task by locking their devices to a single application for use during lesson time. This will prevent them from being able to leave the app and access the Homescreen. Easily switch between applications if and when you need to.

New to Apple's iOS 9.3 (coming soon) will be the ability to lock devices to multiple applications, which eSchoolPad will be ready for immediately.

TeacherPad Device AirPlay

View Student Device Screens

Through the TeacherPad app, teachers can request AirPlay on any student device to be able to project the screen on to the teacher's computer screen, a television or a projector using an Apple TV device, or via an alternative virtual method. Alternatively, you can use this feature to monitor a student as they work. This feature can also be used to project the teacher's device to the whole class for demonstration purposes.

TeacherPad Send Messages and Content

Send Student's Messages & Lesson Content

You can send quick messages to students while they are working with further instructions, in the form of a text or audio note, or send a lesson content file to individual devices / the entire class. Create a more comprehensive text note with paragraphs of content and hyperlinks to a website / websites that will aid with the student's work.

TeacherPad Lock Devices

Complete Device Lock Down

For those times in class when mobile devices are not needed, use the 'Blackscreen' feature to completely disable the devices. This will lock either single or all devices to blank screen and will not allow students to unlock them.

TeacherPad Small Group Assignment

Small Group Assignment

During lesson time, the teacher has the ability to split up the devices into smaller groups for when assignment work is required. This allows the teacher to keep track of the classroom groups easily, and send content to or single app lock group devices where needed.

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