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Mobile Device Management for ICT Managers

With the eSchoolPad MDM solution ICT Managers have full control over their mobile device management infrastructure, including the ability to group devices, monitor their status, update policies, deploy applications and manage certificates. eSchoolPad is a hosted solution providing all the key benefits of scalability, redundancy, wide area management and centralised management of updates.

Devices can be enrolled quickly and easily into the MDM, after which configuration profiles, settings and applications can be pushed automatically, so devices are ready to be used within minutes. Teacher permissions can be configured to allow them access to classroom tools during lesson time, offering them a level of control not available in many other MDM's. eSchoolPad integrates with the schools Apple Volume Purchasing Program to manage application distribution through the Admin Console, so deploying applications to teacher and student devices couldn't be easier.

eSchoolPad Admin Console

Comprehensive Admin Console

The administration panel makes device management an easy task. Its intuitive layout makes finding features and functions incredibly quick!

The Dashboard view offers a real-time analysis of all devices, with live filters warning of any future issues such as devices that are out of space, low battery and removal of the MDM certificate.

Mobile Device Management Enrollment

Easy Device Enrollment

You can enroll devices into eSchoolPad using a number of different easy-to-use methods, including Apple's Device Enrollment Program, Apple Configurator 2, or by visiting an auto-enrollment web URL on the device.

eSchoolPad Cross Platform Support

Cross Platform Support

eSchoolPad supports device management for Apple iOS, Apple OS X and Android operating systems. Management for Microsoft Windows is currently being developed and will be available soon.

eSchoolPad Hierarchical Administration

Hierarchical Administration

eSchoolPad is built on a hierarchical admin structure, allowing both ICT administrators and classroom teachers access to flexible device management tools.

ICT administrators have complete control over the devices through the Admin Console, but also the ability to set permissions for classroom teachers to monitor and control the devices in their classroom themselves. These could be either classroom sets or 1:1 / BYOD devices.

eSchoolPad MDM Device Control

Remote Device Control

The solution features complete wireless control of all enrolled devices through the Admin Console web interface, with the ability to send commands to update the device, lock device, app lock, install or remove apps, wipe passcodes, remove MDM certificates, send a message and much more.

Complete actions for single devices or in bulk by selecting a device group.

eSchoolPad Scheduled Policies

Scheduled Policies

You can set up timed tasks for a number of different jobs including device updates, profile and application management. Turn off school specific policies after-school hours allowing students to continue using their device restriction free out of school.

These tasks can be assigned to single devices, device groups and all BYOD devices.

eSchoolPad Blueprint Auto-configuration

Automatic Device Configuration

Using eSchoolPad's 'Blueprint' feature, you can configure a list of tasks to execute immediately after the device's initial MDM enrollment.

Set up the 'Blueprint' to automatically apply school-wide profiles & setting restrictions, and install applications to all or specific device groups, allowing the devices to be ready to use by students and teachers within minutes.

1:1 / BYOD Mobile Device Management

Supports 1:1 / BYOD

If your school has a 1:1 or BYOD strategy, these devices can still be enrolled into eSchoolPad and managed centrally. After setting the device as BYOD, assign it to a student user account where their details will be stored on the device.

Create a daily scheduled task to switch from the school to a BYOD policy when out of school hours, allowing the student to continue using their device restriction free at home.

eSchoolPad Modular Policy Design

Modular Policy Design

With eSchoolPad, profiles are applied in a modular configuration allowing the admin team to combine restriction policies to build up a complete, custom policy. Use the existing profiles provided or create your own .mobileconfig files and upload them to your eSchoolPad account.

You can quickly apply and remove profiles to specific devices or device groups through the Admin Console with ease.

eSchoolPad Device, App & User Groups

Device, Application & User Groups

eSchoolPad allows you to easily manage devices, applications and user accounts by creating groups. Assign a device group to a teacher account to allow them complete control during class time.

This allows you to deploy applications and books to single devices, separate classes or entire departments with just the click of a button.

Integrate MDM with Apple VPP

Integration with Apple VPP

The solution integrates seamlessly with Apple's Volume Purchasing Program allowing IT administrators to purchase all applications centrally through their VPP account. Then simply synchronise eSchoolPad with Apple's servers to manage licence distribution through the MDM Admin Console.

This allows easy deployment of free and paid applications to specific devices or device groups.

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