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Integrated Apple Mac Solutions

Apple Macs have long been adopted as the platform of choice by most creative professionals, providing the most stable platform and supporting key industry standard software. Teaching students the key skills they need to engage with this rapidly changing industry is a challenging task for educators, so having a robust, reliable and secure IT solution to work with is essential.

Counterpoint specialises in the supply, configuration, training and support of Apple Mac solutions into education throughout the UK. They combine unique skills of creative technology expertise and Windows / Mac networking experience to provide integrated Mac solutions that really deliver in the classroom.

Counterpoint's core Active Directory integration provides schools with all the key essential networking fundamentals, including single sign-on with users standard Windows credentials, cross-curricular / cross-platform user file access, integration with existing network services (Internet, follow-me printing etc), and unified user / password management. An Apple server is used to provide robust management of the Mac systems based upon the school's AD users and groups.

Advanced Active Directory Integration

EnhancedAD Active Directory Integration

Counterpoint's unique EnhancedAD software allows students' Mac based work to be saved into their Mac Home folder by default. These home folders reside on the dedicated performance storage attached to the Mac server, which allows students to access their work from any machine on the network. Work is fully backed up each hour / day, keeping students work secure at all times.

Counterpoint engineers are experienced in tailoring these creative solutions to customer requirements. Common requests include custom scripting, default peripheral specification, resource distribution and student hand in folders.

Network Media Projects

Additional to saving work to users Mac Home folders by default, EnhancedAD uses Virtual Scratch Disk technology to allow media application projects to be created, edited and stored over the network without any restrictions. This work would otherwise have to be saved locally, creating user mobility and data security issues.

Classroom Collaboration Tools

During lesson time, students may collaborate in groups on a media project and then all require access to the work for editing outside of normal lesson time, or if the "owner" of the project is unavailable.

EnhancedAD's 'Class Projects' feature allows a user to share access to a file with other students, with each user then able to access the project from within their own Mac Home folder. Students can also provide teachers with access to the project by associating it with a teacher defined 'Class Project' folder. This provides quick access to student work during lesson time for sharing and ongoing assessment.

"Counterpoint's Apple network configuration is the first I've encountered which I would describe as being fit-for-purpose within a School."

- Thomas Phillips, IT Services Manager, Thurston Community College

"You seemed to be the only Apple Mac supplier who's focussed on education."

- Dean Inns, Network Manager, Roundwood Park School

Existing Hardware Reconfiguration

EnhancedAD Active Directory Integration

If you already own older Apple Mac hardware, this does not prevent you from benefiting from a Counterpoint EnhancedAD solution. Counterpoint can reconfigure your existing Mac suite(s) with its unique AD integration and EnhancedAD solution, or supply, configure and install a new Mac suite where required.

"Working with Counterpoint has been really easy. They are very approachable - I can phone them at any time and never feel like I am interrupting them, which is important. It is clear they have a vast amount of experience and as a result, I always feel like they are on my side, which has provided peace of mind."

- Alexandra Rowbotham, Roundwood Park School