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Case Study: Washwood Heath Academy, Birmingham

Installed Solution

School Details

Washwood Heath, Birmingham
Pupils: 1,426

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Washwood Heath Academy is a large community comprehensive school with 1,426 students, 160 being in the Sixth Form. It became a specialist Technology College in 1998 and renewed that status in 2004, until July 2013 when Washwood Heath technology was converted into an academy and was renamed Washwood Heath Academy.

The Education Challenge

During January 2006, Washwood Heath set out to investigate modern music ICT facilities with a view to unlocking the creative potential of students in the college, and to engage and include pupils throughout the year groups. It was deemed important to provide effective controls over student activity in order to focus their learning, as every class includes a wide diversity of musical and behavioural characteristics. The use of technology within the music department had previously extended only to portable keyboards, and this had created some disaffection in pupils throughout the spectrum of achievement.

Counterpoint MTC were one of three companies approached by Washwood Heath in relation to the project, and were quickly identified as the most attentive and helpful.

"Prior to installing this suite, we faced difficulties in engaging and including some pupils in the subject; now we find that attentive and well-behaved classes are routine.."

- Harpinder Singh, Assistant Headteacher

The Solution

Counterpoint designed & installed a comprehensive music ICT suite comprising of a network server, 28 music PC workstations, an audio network with recording and assessment software, also music and classroom management software. The audio network enables the teacher to broadcast audio, including spoken word, directly into students' headphones, and monitor audio from each student PC workstation - making recordings into eSAAMS software on the teacher's PC.

The teacher can broadcast their screen to all student PC's, power-on and power-off the systems remotely, lock the student computers and engage with pupils one-on-one, all from the teacher's desk. These audio and video tools provide effective control over student focus, and Washwood report significant improvement in all classes.

"Counterpoint have provided excellent, extensive technical support. I'm now a customer for life."

- Harpinder Singh, Assistant Headteacher

Counterpoint also provided an extensive training programme, which commenced with a system introduction day including timetabled lessons, assisting with the first-use of the suite by both teachers and pupils.

The Benefits

The music ICT suite provides software tools for a wide range of abilities and interests; from beginners using music software for the first time, to budding producers and remix artists, with ample facilities for traditional musicians. The teacher benefits from a selection of tools and resources: audio recording and assessment, reference material for an ICT-based scheme of work, and software designed for whole-class teaching.

"Counterpoint arrived with a strategy, experience and some very good advice; we were persuaded by their commitment and support. Prior to installing this suite, we faced difficulties in engaging and including some pupils in the subject; now we find that attentive and well-behaved classes are routine, and interest in music has increased significantly throughout the key stages."

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